Seachtain na Gaeilge

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Seachtain na Gaeilge

Seachtain na Gaeilge is an international festival and the biggest celebration of
the language and culture of Ireland. It is not only celebrated in Ireland but
throughout the world.
To celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge in our school of St.Brigid’s and St.Patrick’s
N.S. there were many activities and events taking place.


 A Visit From Scoil Aonghusa

During Seachtain Na Gaeilge Scoil Aonghusa came to play us some Irish songs
and taught us about the instruments. The teacher who came with them was
asking us all sorts of questions like “how do you say violin in Irish?” or “Does
anyone know what the Wall of Limerick dance is?”(because some very talented
Irish dancers came).
The teacher was very impressive because he could play the harp, the guitar
and the tin whistle and they are only the ones he played at the school ! So we
think that he could play a lot more!!! It was an amazing experience and would
recommend it again for next year.


Lá Glas

Lá Glas is a day of celebration for our school. It’s an opportunity for our school
to celebrate and appreciate all things Irish. For example, Irish culture, music
and dance. We all wore something green to celebrate our national colours.
Every class celebrated in different ways, right through from Junior Infants to 6 th
Classes. We visited some of the classes to ask the teachers about their fun
“In Junior Infant the children learned how to do Irish dancing in the P.E hall.
We had a lovely demonstration from a girl in Ms. Wood’s Class (Isla) and a
parent taught us a Reel. “ ( Mrs. Churchill)

“Chan muid Amhrán na bhFiann agus d’fhloghlaim muid frásaí nua i rith an
seachtain. D’imríomar a lán cluichí as Gaeilge freisin. “ “ We sang Amhrán na
bhFiann and learned new phrases through the week. We played lots of Irish
games too. “(Rang a 3 agus 4)
“We learned ‘An Haka Gaelach’ and did some Irish dancing in P.E. We
completed the Irish Trail around our school and played Cluiche Bingó. Senior
Infants also hosted the St. Patrick’s Day Prayer Service. “ ( Mrs. Woods)


The Story Of St Patrick

When Patrick was 16 years old, he was walking along the beach when some pirates seized
him. They took him to Ireland and sold him as a slave where he worked in the fields as a
shepherd. One day, he heard God telling him to escape, and he ran down to the sea where
he found a ship waiting to take him home. When he was grown up, he heard a voice calling
on him to return to Ireland and to tell the people there about Christianity – which is what he
Patrick went to Auxerre, France, where he studied and entered the priesthood under the
guidance of the missionary Saint Germanus. He was ordained a deacon around 418 AD by
the Bishop of Auxerre (likely Germanus, who became the bishop in 418 AD).
Patrick travelled the length and breadth of Ireland, and had many adventures while he
spread his message. Quite often, the Druid priests were angry with him for telling their
followers to change their religion, and his life was always in great danger.
Ireland is a very rainy country, and the fields are emerald green. One of the most common
plants that grows among the grass is the shamrock. It’s like a small clover with three leaves.
St. Patrick used to pick up the shamrock and explain that the three leaves were the three
aspects of God. The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Blog written by Sophia, Hayley, Mollie, Niamh and Ruhan from sixth class.