Science Week

It was Science Week last week and to celebrate we took part in some activities
in our school.
Maker Meet held a Zoom workshop for Science week on Thursday.
In the ‘Break the Ice Challenge’, children had to work in pairs to construct their
Challenge and then carefully try not to be the person to ‘break the ice’!
They used weight, toothpicks, napkins and cups to complete this ‘harder than it
looks’ challenge!
Creative Spark held a 3D printing workshop with With Miss Kennedy’s 6th class
on Friday 18th November.
Mrs Dolan investigated the lungs with her class. Mrs Woods Senior Infants
enjoyed the skittles rainbow challenge. Junior Infants had great fun learning
about floating and sinking and had to make a shape that floats from play dough.

Attendance Drive- Be a Drogheda Hero

For the month of October, we took part in a Drogheda-wide attendance drive which highlighted the importance of good attendance. Parents received booklets at the start detailing the reasons why coming to school is so important for their children. The children kept track of their own attendance on their stamp charts during the month and each class were mentioned on Dojo when they had full attendance. Everyone who participated received a homework pass and a certificate and those with excellent attendance went into a draw for family vouchers. Well done to everyone!

While the attendance drive was for the month of October, we want to keep the momentum going- if the children are well, they should be in school. If they are sick, keep them at home and fill in the absence reason on Aladdin. School starts at 8.50am so remind your children, particularly the older children who walk themselves, to be in school on time. However, mornings can be very busy in households- if the children sleep in or something happens to delay getting to school in the morning, don’t let that be a reason to stay off- they can still come in late. If you are having any problems getting your child to come to school, contact Niamh, the HSCL coordinator for advice or speak to your child’s teacher.


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Space Week 2022

There was great fun and great learning going on in St. Brigid’s & St. Patrick’s school last week. We celebrated Space Week with a wide range of activities. The infants learned about Space through Aistear, designing and making rockets. They also took part in a cosmic space yoga session. The third and fourth classes engaged in ‘space coding’ through Scratch. Mission badges were designed by Mrs Dolan/Ms Troy’s third class. Ms. Fitzpatrick’s First Class used play dough to design space aliens. Ms. A. Kennedy’s sixth class designed and made rockets that they could make fly through the air. Ms. Rooney’s second class did some space themed Art and Mrs. Hamill read a space themed story with the class.

Space is always a popular topic in school. The children learned about our world, the planets of the solar system and the realities and wonders of the Universe around them.

See the gallery of photos below.

Coach Ciarán

Coach Ciarán has been a very important part of our school for many years. He is loved by pupils and staff with everyone happy to see him in the school on Fridays. He is a very talented basketball player as well as coaching in schools around the Drogheda area. Coach encourages everyone to take part, to be kind to one another and to always do their best. Below are some photos from our Fit for Fun Fridays with Coach Ciarán.



From Garden to Plate

Our fourth classes along with the SNAs working with them have been very busy over the last year. They have created a beautiful and functional school garden and just last week they began to see the rewards of their hard work.



Ms Berrill and a group of fourth class pupils harvested the vegetables that they had carefully grown and tended to.



They brought them over to the school kitchen to wash, peel, prepare and cook.


They cooked the vegetables and made a delicious, healthy meal of mash potatoes, carrots and of course gravy. Ms. McGloin’s fourth class got a taste of the meal and everyone gave it a thumbs up. Well done to everyone involved.



Fun in Week One

Welcome to our weekly blogpost filling you in on life in St. Brigid’s & St. Patrick’s NS

  • Our new Junior Infants have settled in to their classes with the help of their teachers- Mrs Kearns, Mrs Churchill and Ms Murray.
  • Nurture Room- we have a brand new nurture room ran by Ms. Lennon and Ms. Leonard. Many of the children will get to visit the nurture room throughout the school day. It is looking amazing.                                        


  • Senior Infants had a great first week making Gruffalo masks.
  • We are very proud of fifth class pupil, Madison Reynolds who was picked for the Louth Soccer team.

Fifth Class Frog

Mr Rath’s Fifth Class found a slimy friend in the hall. In keeping with our green school ideals- they rescued the frog (from school) and returned him safely to the pond. Well done to all involved.