What we mean by STEM Education

STEM Education is multi-faceted and goes well beyond the main disciplines that constitute the acronym STEM. The foundations for STEM education begin in early childhood. From the earliest years through their play experiences and family environment, children engage with the world in ways that can promote learning related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Young children naturally engage in early STEM exploration through hands-on multisensory and creative experiences. By engaging in these experiences, young children are developing curiosity, inquisitiveness, critical-thinking and problem-solving capacities which are built on through their primary and post-primary school experience.

STEM education not only involves the teaching of these disciplines and subjects in isolation but also involves a cross-disciplinary approach. It builds on the content knowledge and understanding developed in and across the four disciplines, while acknowledging that all STEM learning activities are underpinned by Mathematics. It also recognises the strong linkage between STEM and Arts education which fosters design, creativity and innovation.

STEM Gallery:

September 2021

Paper Chains– one piece of paper per group, scissors, tape and a trundle wheel. Who can make the longest chain?

Ms. Sexton’s Fifth Class  Mrs Devine’s Fifth Class


October 2021

World Space Week 2021


Halloween Family Challenge:


November 2021

Science Week


The children took part in an interactive workshop with www.makermeet.ie to do ‘The Paper Tower Challenge.

Pics Below:




January 2022:

First Lego League

Mrs Devine’s fifth class are taking part in the The First Lego League Explore programme. Thanks to The Enterprise FABLab@Creative Spark Dundalk, who, with support from IET, Enterprise Ireland, Louth Learning Support Centre and LearnIt, have given us the opportunity to take part in this exciting programme. 


February 2022

Steps Engineers’ Week 2022

STEPS Engineers Week 2022 takes place from Saturday 5 – Friday 11 March. During STEPS Engineers Week-themed lessons are taught in primary and secondary school classrooms across the country to help children discover the exciting world of engineering in Ireland.


June 2022 

Ms D Kennedy’s fourth class travelled to University College Dublun to share their projects on Women in STEM with schools from all over Ireland. As part of this shared learning day the class got the opportunity to present their projects and take part in hands on coding workshops, Lego building and programming, Bee-Bot workshops and Vex Robot workshops.